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Affordable cloud storage

Impressive price. We are democratizing cloud-based radiology, with cold backups and hot storage, allowing the best patient care. Reduce costs with local infrastructure.


Cutting Edge technology

Multiple artificial intelligence tools provides automatic prioritization of exams,. From natural language processing to deep learning applied to computer vision.


Work from anywhere

Allow radiologists, residents, requesting physicians, typists and managers to do the job remotely. Reducing your office and server costs.


A Few Words About Us

When things started…

AI-borned company based on real life necessities noticed by a programmer physician radiologist, that later expanded its portfolio to a complete radiologic solution. 

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us


The security of our customers' information is our priority, always developing ways to keep data safe.

Quality Services

Customers with a high level of satisfaction, aware of our commitment to provide always the best solution.

Affordable Pricing

Being aware that we are facing the most serious crisis of recent times, we set our prices in a way that they allow our clients to keep growing.

Hospital or home


RAIOSS SupervAIsor

  • Cloud radiology system with embedded AI algorithms (computer vision and natural language process) that prioritize exams according to severity by multiple ways;

  • Fast download speed, integrated with Osirix / Horos and Radiant;

  • Built-in professional web DICOM viewer, professional work schedule and communication system among professionals;

  • Dicom Worklist, and much more!

Cold Storage RAIOSS 

  • Cold backup solution that helps your institution to be GRDP (LGPD) complaint – because data also must not be lost!

  • Data storage for up to 20 years.

  • Security, unlimited capacity and low cost.


  • Learning platform for digital radiology and diagnostic imaging;
  • Enjoy the courses with our integrated DICOM visualization features;
  • Renderize videos for each student with their name on the video file (piracy protection tool);

  • Use our APIs to enhance your own teaching platform.

Security as a Main issue

Policies and systems frequently updated to meet requirements of the GDPR and Brazilian LGPD.

Some Security tools we use

HTTPs / SSL – In-transit encryption

Multi Factor Authentication

Self-hosted repository of codes

Server hardening tools such as Fail2Ban, and UFW

This Is Why

Reasons behind RAIOSS low prices

Lean Culture

For a company born in Brazil to thrive, it should look at every cent twice before spending it. We don't invest in premium office locations or company cars. We avoid spending on advertising, we use word of mouth.


Our systems are built in a way that every new client brings us less costs than those previous ones. It is not a linear behaviour, but a logarithmic one.

Software Optimization​

We use proprietary softwares and codes instead of paying for third party solutions in a lot of situations. We use Linux instead of Windows or Mac. We develop. We build. We engineer.

Built with brains

Tools we use

Don't listen to us.
Listen to our clients.

Some of Our

non-profit initiatives

Money is necessary. But some things are priceless.
Upper-Nile Orphans Care

RAIOSS hosts and helped developed, UOCO’s portal. UOCO is an USA-based NGO (501(c)3) that helps children from South Sudan to have education and health.

You can check more and donate at


An unprecedented initiative in the history of modern medicine, RAIOSS brought and made free and fully available chest CT scans of patients with COVID-19 from Wenzhou Medical University, before the pandemic spread throughout the world, before the first case was confirmed in Latin America, allowing radiologists to have minimal practical training for the exams they would receive in their routines in the following weeks. Check it at

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